Space Design, April 1997 - Expanding Horizons of Digital Design - Academic Weekly Art and Architecture Magazine - Tokyo Mosque and Cultural Center

Space Design academical art and architecture journal analyzed Tokyo Mosque and Cultural Center in April 1997 issue. According to the article, in those years when the internet was just spreading it was such a breakthrough in construction and architecture domain to coordinate a project over internet by two countries' two different firm, Kajima Corporation and Hassa Architecture.

While Kajima undertook the structural rough construction, Hassa Architecture undertook both the project design and the installation and manufacture of all fine ornamental work that could be implemented such as marble, stone, wood, gypsum, leadwork. This cooperation would be done on the internet and it was such a method which will be implemented for the first time. In those years, when internet was on dial-up connection, the communication undertaken in such a way that firstly Kajima reports a CAD file which is going to be sent, then Hassa receives the file by using the FTP tool.  Project has been prepared  and completed in cooperation in this way and as a consequence although two sides are apart geographical obstacles has been removed.

Tokyo Camii MosqueTokyo Camii Mosquetokyo camii mosque